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PRODUCTS THAT GIVE TanzaniaN women hope

Our products are handmade with real East African fabrics by women in the remote village of Ntagatcha, Tanzania


How It Works

TENZI gives Tanzanian women hope for a brighter tomorrow by training them as seamstresses and in other useful life skills. After their training is completed, they are given the option to start their own local tailoring business and/or work for the TENZI brand. The women are empowered by being able to provide for themselves and their families in a way that was otherwise impossible. The women make high quality garments that are full of personality and flattering yet dignified.

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Donations make our mission possible

TENZI needs your help to continue to grow, expand, and help more women. As we take on more students and widen our product range, more equipment and a bigger working area are necessary. All of our students are trained free of charge. Both equipment and supplies are necessary for their success. Please consider donating to help us grow and expand this project. 


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